Here we go again

I have a confession to make. I did not write a single stinkin’ word on Thanksgiving. In fact I didn’t even open my document.

Oh no. Call the Nano police.

So this morning I woke up with 6600 words to write by Sunday at 1158PM in all reasonableness as I need a minute or two to upload my work for verification to Nano.

In honor of those 6600 words I will give you the 6 1/2 things I am grateful for this nano season.

1. My husband: He is amazing. How many people can say that their partner not only shares their dream, supports their dreams (emotionally, physically, financially) but that when they lose site of their dream and fall, their partner picks them back up and puts them back on the path. Enough said.

2. My son: He is so well behaved when I make him go to write ins with me. True at some write ins there are other kids who he adores. And at all the other write ins he gets fussed over for being cute and well behaved. And I lift his TV and electronic game limits for those days. And he gets to order whatever he wants while at the write in…wait why am I grateful for him? Sounds like I’m doing all the work. Then again that is my job and he does make me look good.

3. I live here in Washington.

4. Sno Valley Writes: They are a great group that welcomes new writers and makes a serious effort to help them feel included. There is not a single member of that group that wouldn’t help any fellow artist. They are amazing people as well as talented at their craft.

5. My friends: who watch my kid, listen to be grumble about plot issues, and generally accept my complete MIA status for the month of November but welcome me back in December with love.

6. Nanowrimo : For forcing me to stop talking about being a writer and start actually writing.

6 1/2: my dogs, for behaving half as well as I would like.

Time spent writing today: er, um, yeah. So I went to the Friday morning write in, PJ edition in honor of post thanksgiving. Alex and Jessica were there. We have way too much together. They share my sense of humor. This all translates into me writing bugger all at the write in. (650 words in 3 hours. snort. laugh. choke)

Words Today: 1086

Cumulative Total: 44518 or 89% (5482 to win)

Scene of the day:

I arrived in Lila’s room laden with a flowering plant, chocolates, and three new magazines.

“Darling, how nice to see you.” Lila reached for the box of chocolates. “You shouldn’t have, I’m getting monstrously fat.”

“I think that’s the baby.” I laughed.

Lila shrugged. “It’s a lovely excuse anyway to eat all the chocolates I want.”

“I didn’t know you needed an excuse. Nicholas doesn’t seem the type to keep you on a short leash.”

“He doesn’t but a girl has to maintain her figure to maintain her self-respect.” Lila said blandly while scraping the chocolate off the bottom of a crème center to figure out which flavor the cream was.

I laughed and wondered if that was my problem. I had lost a few pounds since my multiple heart break fiasco. My figure was suffering and my self-respect was nonexistent. I glanced down at the way my dress was bagging, my figure might soon be nonexistent if I didn’t do something about the situation. “You better give me one of those chocolates.”

Lila gave me a long look, “I think you need more than one sweetheart.”

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