It’s alright, It’s ok, welcome to this life

stressing time, I have 29 hours to go. (Forgive me Leah Andreone for bastardizing your song)

Today was a stupendous writing day given the amount of time I had to accomplish a lot of words.

I am feeling the squeeze for a couple of reasons.

A) Thanksgiving weekend is when my family decorates for Christmas.

B) My father in law arrives Monday morning and my house hasn’t been cleaned in longer than I care to admit.

C) Nano is almost over. Meaning I am almost out of time.

Too many things to do all at once. I think I’ll go to bed.

Time spent writing: 90-100 minutes give or take at the write in.

Words Today: 2782

Cumulative total: 47300 or 94.6% (2700n to win)

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