Just another Manic Monday….

Wait, that was yesterday.

Just Another Troublesome Tuesday, ohhhhhh ohhhhh

I have a migraine.

I have a loud five year old who can’t wait for his first four day weekend.

My son has a cat who used to creep downstairs and attack my puppy while he was sleeping. So now said puppy is a big, bad hunter and i just broke up my third cat versus dog fight of the day. Did I mention I have a migraine?

Time Spent Writing: hour and fifteen, give or take.

Words Today: 1247 all at the write in

Cumulative Total: 39688 or 79.4% (1987 behind)

Scene for the day:

My father said nothing for a moment. “You haven’t explained the circumstances but no matter what they were, your friend Frankie put herself in harms way when she enlisted as a QA. She died in service to her country. Not for you. Not for Patrick.”

I began to cry. My father slipped his handkerchief into my hand.

“You know I don’t think much of Americans but Patton said ‘It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.’ Or women in this case.”

With this pronouncement he left the room, leaving me alone with my ghosts as I mourned all that I had lost, real and imagined.

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