Vast Expanse of Flatness

Have you ever had one of those days where you put so much energy and passion into stomping on the little fires that pop up everywhere that when it comes time to actually be creative, you have nothing left? The sign just keeps reading “Sorry, no faculties” (Hi, Sheri) and a vast expanses of empty flatness with nothing as far as the brain can see.

That is the sad state I found myself in this evening. And I didn’t even realize it at first. I blew off a lot of steam at the start of write in bitching about things that had gone wrong this week. Then I tried to edit, and that sort of worked but not really. I’ll be gong back after a good night’s sleep to repair that job. Finally I gave up and started to write my Wednesday night blog. Bam, blank brick wall. I found myself starting to write a laundry  list of excuses why I haven’t been editing this week. Seriously? That’s all you got? Give it up now girl. Pack it in and go home. The long, dark drive and some Jack FM always gives you ideas.

So that’s what I did. And I realized that all day I had been coming up with crazy ass solution to last minute problem created by other people, no wait, that was Tommy Lee Jones. But I had been coming up with creative solutions to little problems that grew on their own. LOL. I am an adult after all.

So where am I at? I so creatively got my son to wash his hands in a public bathroom at the mall today, that a perfect stranger paused to lean in and tell me I was a really fun mom. Yep. Handled that.

I have done jack all for editing this week. But that now matters not at all because there will be no ABNA this year. That’s right folks, if you haven’t heard, Amazon announced it will no longer be holding ABNA. Instead they want you to do KindleScout. Check it out, if you like. I am still in the air about it.

And really I don’t need to make a decision now because I don’t have anything to enter even if I wanted to do. I am still a work in progress. I mean novel is still a work in progress. Aw hell. The first one is definitely true.

2 thoughts on “Vast Expanse of Flatness

  1. I understand this completely. I have a day job, along with my writing, and there are just some days that all the issues from my job drain my energy and I cannot get anything done after. It’s rough. Good luck getting to your editing.


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