I’ve been thinking Thursday: InD’Scribe

I’m flying right now, down to LA. I decided to go to InD’Scribe this year. Check it out. Try to connect with some more folks who are making a go of it independently. It’s hard when you’re out on your own. I have good friends in my writing circle but I don’t think you can ever have too many friends.

I’m an attending author. It’s the first time I’ve officially been that. Kind of nerve wracking.

I also have a table at their book signing event and books in their event bookstore. First time for either of those. Beyond nerve wracking.

So I guess you could say I’m just wracked. LOL

If you’re in the LA area, pop by Saturday afternoon and say Hi. I’ll be the one with a pool on my signing table. (scavenger hunt – I have a “Body in the Pool”) Free candy! Laughing.

I’ve been thinking Thursday: I think my head is broken

Last week I got an email from an anthology I was asked to submit to. I wrote a twisted little short about an energy demon trapped on Earth. Anyway, the anthology accepted the story.

I wasn’t even happy. My brain immediately started going on about how it’s not like this was going to help me gain readership.

What is that about? It’s like my writing career is stuck permanently in the negative. I keep moving forward, doing all the things people say you should do. Act positively. Only, I don’t think I really believe it will create a positive outcome. Ergo, my head is broken.

Do you have anything in your life that causes a disconnect? Your actions and your beliefs are at total odds?

I’ve been thinking Thursday: Joy

I’ve talked briefly before about how uncertain I am that I have the emotional where with all to be a writer. It’s not the writing or the editing ability that I lack, it’s the ability to roll with the constant rejection. I keep trying to explain it to other writers, to get their feelings on the process, in order to process my feelings on the whole mess that is publishing.

Recently an article came out on Writer Unboxed called Keeping Your Hustle Joyful by Anna Elliott. A few quotes from her delightful post….

“…I’ve written because quite simply, however hard life feels in that moment, however hard it is to pick myself up and sit down at the keyboard, not writing would be harder still.”

“I wanted to write because I love it.”

“It’s always easier for me to write than not write.”

I’m jealous of her. The green eyed monster is in the house. Because I’ve lost that loving feeling, now it’s gone, gone, gone, whoa-oa-oa.

Rone awards

Just a quick note as I am away road tripping with the kiddo.

The Rone award finalists were announced today: I did not make the cut.

I simply don’t have the fan base. This isn’t news but more the standard state of affairs. I have no idea how to help that along.

Open to suggestions…


Wednesday Words 5.30

Man is the 13th of June coming hard and fast.

I have just about finished the final edit check. Which is good because the kiddo and I are making our annual pilgrimage south on Friday and I need to get all my ducks in line before I go. Laughing.

There really is no minute like the last minute.

But co-op is done for the summer. I’m writing words many days a week. My stress level is dropping. Free time is right around the corner (lots of summer camps for the kiddo) so I can crank out many, many more words. LOL

I donated a basket for the end of the year auction. A couple of my books, a coffee mug about reading, a bookmark, some tea, some chocolates, and the right to name a character of their choice in my Dismember series. Went for the most amount money. It’s all about the naming of the character. People were mad about that. Laughing.

Quick shout out to the lovely Sheri J Kennedy who just released her 2nd novel in The Adventures of Miss Livingston series, Memory Key.

How’s it going with your WIP? Big summer plans?

Wednesday Words 5.9

I have figured out the titles for all my mystery novels. Go me!

Oh, you want to know what they are?

Alright, since we’re such good friends and you are all such loyal readers, I’ll tell you.

The Body in the Pool

The Body in the Past

The Body in the Precinct

Bam. There it is.

The Body in the Pool is still out to critique. Early word is it might be the best thing I’ve written but that’s just one reader. Gotta wait for the other two.

In the mean time, I am crunching away at book 2. Pinning down the plot for book 3.

I submitted to a couple of anthologies.

One is a short that precedes this series. Introduces my detectives.

One is a random one off about an energy sucking demon trapped here on Earth as punishment for her sins. Kinda makes you wonder what a demon does as a sin. LOL.

Here’s hoping the anthologies say yes and my other two critique partners love The Body in the Pool as much as the first reader.

Wednesday Words 4.18

I got rather a lot of downloads from the 48 hour free run I did earlier this week. Especially considering I hadn’t bought marketing for it. My friends pestered their friends. Let’s hope that turns into votes next week. Pretty please with sugar on top.

I haven’t actually written new words in over a week. The kiddo was on spring break last week which usually means lots of play dates and special events where I can squeeze in quality time with my laptop. Only….he came down with a cold on day 1.

I finished the bathroom demolition though. And created another 200 gallons of yard waste to be taken away. I’m hanging dry wall now and still creating yard waste. I think I’ll be planting new bits in the yard next week.

In the mean time, many an idea is percolating in the brain for the second novel in my mystery series. So I can get right back to writing on that now that the kiddo is better.

For the Dismember series, I think the first one is going to be named The Body in the Pool. Then the second and third ones can be The Body in the etc. Keeping an association in the series. I’m thinking The Body in the File for book two maybe. Or maybe The Body in the Past.

Voting for RONE Suspense/Thriller Novels opens next Monday. Here’s the link to the voting page. Yes, I know there’s no little radio buttons. Those will be active next week.

What’s going on in your writing world?

Ostrich Mentality Nominated for RONE

Yup. You read that right. Ostrich Mentality got nominated for a RONE award. And because I like to share when something good happens, for the next 48 hours you can download Ostrich Mentality from Amazon for free. Yup. FREE

Give it read and then pop over to www.indtale.com between April 23rd and April 29th to vote for Ostrich Mentality in the Suspense/Thriller category.

A high professional review got me into this competition but votes from readers will get me to the finals!

Fiendish Friday: The Big Hit 1998

Did you ever see that moderately heinous/moderately hilarious Mark Wahlberg movie, The Big Hit? Late nineties. Studios were just figuring out that a big name did not make a big hit on it’s own anymore. LOL.

Anyway…near the start of the movie a minor character is trying to commit seppuku. He’s all decked out in his best, on his knees, signing the traditional lament, sword held a loft …

and the phone keeps ringing.

You can see that thoughts on his face. What the f? I’m trying to kill myself here and you people won’t leave me alone.

I’ve been on the verge of quitting writing a few times now.

First, I just couldn’t finish a novel.

But I found a writing group that loved me gently through the process.

Then, my booked bombed.

I was so depressed.

But I was teaching a writing class on how to write and publish in a year and I couldn’t quit on my happy, eager students.

Then the feedback from Beta on my second book was epic bad.

But a trashy little short I wrote got accepted into a horror anthology with several bigger name writers. And the anthology did really well.

So I worked like mad to release my second book shortly after that to capitalize on that momentum.

Then I had to face the sad truth – without enough reviews you can’t get marketing and without marketing I don’t have a big enough fan base to get enough reviews to get marketing.

I decided this year was it. I’m releasing three books. If they all do badly – I’m done. It’s too heart breaking.

And now I got nominated for an indie and small pub award. What?

Fine. I’ll answer the damn ringing phone.