Fiendish Friday: More Love Please

I’ve been seeing lots of posts and blogs and articles about who people choose to love. The most recent one….

If as a woman, you like masculine women, why don’t you just date a man?

Really? People burn lean tissue trying to ponder this cruddle? Why does it matter?

As long as everyone participating is an adult capable of making decisions for their own life, why do you care who people love?

I think more love is good for the world. More love might just lead to more acceptance which might just lead to more love which might just lead to solutions…

poverty, famine, war….we got bigger problems than who someone else loves.

Eleven Years

On vaca in Hawaii this past spring. 

The hubs and I have been married eleven years now and it’s been long enough.

Long enough for me to know him.

To know what he likes.

To know what he doesn’t.

To know how to laugh with him.

To know how to cry with him.

To know when he’s reached his limit.

To know how he makes decisions.

To know when he needs me to cuddle him

and when he needs me to just take off all my clothes.

To know how to help him.

To know how to cover all the rough spots for him.

To know to let him help me and cover my rough spots.

To know what a partnership is and how to give everything in one because your partner is right there with you.

To know he forgot it was our anniversary the second I said good morning.

And to know his forgetting has nothing to do with how much he loves me.

Imagine what I’ll know in another 11 years.