I need a caffeine IV

It’s just one of those mornings. Nothing really went wrong. But time was having a good laugh at my expense. And there simply wasn’t enough coffee, in the state to make it all work.

I’ve been staying up way too late in the last few days. I finished my novel for beta last week. I have six beta readers, which seems adequate but I could take one or two more (Deb?). But the void in my ambition laced stress caused me to fall into a Hawaii Five O binge. Yeah I know the show is mindless. That’s the point. Pretty, pretty boys, running around shooting guns and blowing things up. It smooths out my mind when I have brain hole due to project wrap up.

Immediately after that I began staying up too late to beta read the cutest little novel by a ten year old I have ever read. Trust me, people, this kid will be getting a publishing contract before I do. He has a quirky unique idea. Plus he’s a kid. YA is so hot right now. At least I will be able to say I knew him when and more over I introduced him to Nanowrimo. sigh.

So my new conundrum is this. While I wait for feedback I am planning to dive back into my half drafted spy novel. The one I worked on for about 18 months before I hated the characters so much I was forced to send them on vacation for a few months. Yep, 18 months and it’s still not done.  So I’m picking it back up. But should I plan to write it for Nano this year? (Third time is a charm?) Or accept the glaringly obvious truth, this spy novel is just not good nano material. If I plan to write something else this nano, I need to figure out what that might be and research it. And there’s the rub, what might I write this November?

2 thoughts on “I need a caffeine IV

  1. sure… send it to my email asap… I have lots of time… right now! I want to send you mine too, but not sure it will be better than the 10 year olds… 🙂


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