the lunatic is escaping the asylum

It’s Friday, for me normally, that would mean coaxing my son into 6 pages of writing/reading work, driving my son to co-op. Doing an hour of beta reading for someone while he has class, grocery shopping, then supervising some play date while I deep clean my kitchen. It’s big excitement around here on Friday, let me tell you.

But not today. Today I get to escape. woohoo!

Yesterday started the fabulous NORWESCON. This sci fi fantasy convention caters to the writing populace. My ever loving hubby actually took the day off work to pretend to be me for the day. Poor bastard. And I get to escape into the world of people who will talk about writing. And marketing. And being your own agent. And yes because I can, I am actually starting today off with a panel on Horror Classics.

Why not? I have a three day pass out of the asylum.

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