Come Monday – Jimmy Buffet

Not headin’ out to Seatac

for the norwescon day,

got my robe and slippers on,

For today I was not meant for sci fi fantasy con,

but honey I didn’t know I’d be missing you so

Come Monday, I thought I’d be alright

Come Monday, I’d sleep in after a long night

It was three very long days in a norwescon daze

and the truth is I miss it so….

(My apologies to all parrotheads reading my blog.)


ok the parking situation sucked but I can fix that next year by staying at the hotel and I might just do that.

I went to 20 panels in 3 days, it would have been more but I had to coach soccer Friday afternoon and missed a couple of things I wanted to see in consequence. I learned sooooo much. Seriously, even the panels where it didn’t “apply” to what I am currently writing, I jotted down a nugget or two of really cool information.

So onto my top three highlights of the convention:

A) Getting to be me, the writer for three days.

B) Realizing as much as I might bitch, moan, and whine about how hard it is to write with a five year old demanding every moment of my day, if it wasn’t for my sprocket, I wouldn’t be a writer. I hadn’t written in more than ten years and had no idea of picking it up again. But in the terrible twos and the even worse threes, I needed something for myself. Something that would get me away from the house and engaged with adults. Nanowrimo was that something(undying gratitude to my cuz for introducing me to Nano). I don’t think I would have had the guts to do it if I hadn’t been so desperate for some much deserved space. So thanks kiddo. (and Dave)

C) having a working senior intel officer with Special Operations call one of my tactical ideas the best thing he had heard all weekend. Huge confidence builder. I’ll finish my spy novel one of these days.

I could make this list go on for days, I could. But you don’t want to read that. So I think instead I will post one informative, thoughtful, or empowering thing I heard from con every day til I am bored or you are.

Cheers from my couch where I am still drinking coffee in my robe.

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