Fiendish Friday – That Girl

I wasn’t always as accepting as I am now. There have definitely been some years in my life where I was way more judgemental. The problem with judging others though, is one day you might wake up and discover you have become them. I will provide examples for your amusement.

One in late February or maybe early March back when I lived in CA, I met a friend at a park for our kids to play. She showed up in jeans, uggs, a sweater, and one of those down vests.

In  my head I thought “Yep, the skinny girl’s winter uniform.”

So the other day I go run some errands and then over to a friend’s house for our kids to have a play date.(different friend) And as I unzip my down vest and kick off my uggs, I realize I’m wearing jeans and a sweater. Yep, skinny girl’s winter uniform. How the bleep did that happen?

I am also the cliché who asks for and gets fitness gear for Christmas.

I am also the cliché who knows which salad dressing has the least carbs. It’s blue cheese by the way.

I am the cliché who bakes and sends Christmas cookies to friends and family but keeps none for herself.

I am also the cliché who makes a list of goals at the year end but refuses to call them New Year’s Resolutions. LOL

I am also the cliché who makes fun of herself for the enjoyment of her reading public.

What cliché have you woken up to discover you have become?


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