Sunday Sup: Two for One Roast Beef

While I am off on vaca having my favorite poke (it rhymes if you say it just right, LOL), I give you an easy two for one meal.

Chop 3 small sweet onions, or one large and toss into a medium low skillet with olive oil or fat of your choice. Slice 12 crimi mushrooms and add to the pan as you go. Saute until soft.

Slice 12 oz roast beef into ribbons. Add to the softened veggies. Liberally splash in some Worcestershire sauce and McCormick’s Montreal Steak seasoning. Heat through.

Meal #1


Slice three bell peppers in half to create 6 fat wide boats. De-seed, rinse, and pat dry. Add a slice of cheese, havarti or provolone work well, pushing it into the bottom. Add a mound of meat and veg. Top with another slice of cheese. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes for slightly crunchy bells or 20 for softer ones.


This should use about half  your meat and cheese.

Meal #2


Warm up meat and veg, top with cheese of choice, I used a swiss gruyere blend, add a couple of fried eggs.

This was dinner and then brekkie for my family of 3 with a bit of left overs.

Sunday Sup: End of Summer Burger

The sunny days are slipping away. I have a strange desire to sing the Sesame Street song now. But given my latitude, PNW, it’s already getting cold. So I present my tribute to the great American summer burger, no bun because who needs that many carbs?

Great American Summer Burger

Thinly slice a sweet onion and thinly slice some mushrooms. Saute over low in a skillet. How much you use it up to you. I like a lot of onions and mushrooms on my burger, the hubs, not so much.

While that’s sauting down, grill your patty. I like mine medium rare and done in beef. But char that puppy if it makes you happy. Veggie burger, Chicken burger, turkey burger, elk burgers…it all tastes good.

Add cheese in the last minute or two of grilling. I like a nice sharp white cheese. A gruyere swiss combo but havarti works too. The hubs likes cheddar on this – purist.

In the mean time, whip up the sauce. Mayo, spicy brown mustard, paprika, and a dill pickle chopped fine.  How much you may be asking. Look I never measure, I’ll guess at it but use the force already. 1/3 c mayo, 3 tbsp mustard, 1 tbsp paprika, 1 small pickle.

Assemble patty, onions and mushrooms, avocado, and sauce. You can add tomatoes and lettuce if you have it, I was out the last time I made this meal.



Sunday Sup: Paleo-ish Pad Thai

I’ve made this recipe a lot of different ways. It’s one of my hubs favorite meals. It borders on fussy in my opinion but I have done my best to streamline it out.

The original comes from Our Paleo Life ( I’ve played with the recipe a bit though. I know you’re so surprised. LOL

Paleo Pad Thai

6 tablespoons lime juice. Fresh is best but whatever you got works too.
1/2 tablespoon minced garlic
2 tablespoons gf tamari
1/2 tsp powdered ginger
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
3/4 c nut butter. Seriously, anything you got. I usually use Peanut butter but have been known to substitute cashew and mixed nut butter in equal portions when I was really asleep at the grocery shopping wheel. LOL
Blend in a food processor or with a whisk until smooth. Scrape down the side with a spatula then add 3/4 c coconut milk and blend again. Set the sauce aside.
Cut two medium onions in half and then thinly slice them.
Cut the ends off 4 cups of snap peas. I know that sounds like a lot but it never looks or tastes like too much. How did I arrive at that amount? I buy the 8 cup bag from Costco, use half for this recipe and half with hummus dip.
Add a couple of tablespoons of oil (olive or coconut your call) to a wok or large skillet. Heat over Medium Low. Add veggies. Cook until tender (or crisp, your call) stirring frequently. Ten or so minutes for tender crisp. LOL
In the mean time boil some edamame pasta, regular pasta, or cook a spaghetti squash, whatever you have on hand. I think we like it best with the edamame pasta but Spaghetti squash is a great alternative to really keep it clean.
Chop up some cooked chicken either from a Costco pre-cooked bag or that was left over from another meal. What’s that you say? Someone ate the left over chicken you were planning for this meal. No worries. Grab a can of chicken, drain it, and no one will notice once it’s all covered in sauce.
Add the chicken and pasta to the sautéed veggies, toss it around a bit.
Pour on the sauce and warm everything up. Serve. Eat. Yum.
PS. I forgot the picture again and of course this meal never lives long enough for me to get a snap later. Sorry.

Sunday Sup: Taco Skillet

My family loves a big pan of nacho glop in the winter. It’s warm and heavy and so satisfying on that primordial level. But it’s summer. And it’s HOT. So I attempted to remake the dish in a lighter manner, while keeping the idea intact. The kiddo said I failed. The hubs liked it.

Summer Taco Skillet

Chop one red onion and one red bell pepper. Saute over low in the fat of your choice, I used Olive Oil, until soft.

Add one pound ground meat; beef, turkey, chicken, pork. Add a healthy dose of taco seasoning. (Paprika, cumin, and garlic will also work.)

Cook until browned. Add one can fire roasted diced tomatoes and one drained and rinsed can of black beans.

Stir Stir Stir until warm.

I served this with sour cream, guacamole, jalapeño jack cheese, and plantain chips. There’s no guac in the pic because I am super picky about what I put guac on, I serve it for the hubs.



Sunday Sup: Go to Summer Brunch

We finally started hitting some 80s. Woohoo. Late July so it makes sense summer is finally arriving. When it’s warm like this, humid too, I don’t eat too early in the day. I drink coffee for a while but brekkie usually becomes brunchie or lunchie in the summer. So here’s what Ive been mixing up for about a week straight now. LOL

Go To Summer Brunch

1 can chunk chicken, drained. (12oz)

1/3 c Greek yogurt, plain

1 celery stalk, chopped small

1/2 an apple or 6 slices, chopped

1/4 c slivered almonds

Stir til combined. This is not a particularly wet mixture because I find the apple and the avocado take care of that but feel free to add as much greek yogurt as you like. What’s this about avocado you say? Well, I finish off my salad with a few friends.

Baby spinach and sliced avocado. Enjoy!


Sunday Sup: Curried Chicken Salad

One last recipe from “dumb and fat” with a few modifications.

Curried Chicken Salad

Mix 1 heaping teaspoon curry paste (I used mild, but totally your call), 1 tbsp Mango Chutney, and 1/4 c greek plain yogurt. Stir, stir, stir.

Add one can drained chunk chicken (12 oz, or left over chicken chopped, whatever you got on hand).

Add a chopped celery stick, 4 dried apricots chopped, and a handful of slivered almonds.

Stir, stir, stir.

You can serve this nicely on a bed of fresh spinach but mine was all bad when I pulled the bag out, so I ate it with Almond crackers. Very tasty.


Sunday Sup: Jalapeño Poppers

I don’t know how I haven’t posted this one before. Maybe I just haven’t made them in the months I have been posting recipes? That could be possible. Anyway, Fourth of July I went to a BBQ at my back neighbors. They do this BBQ potluck and fireworks thing every year. Anyway, this year my neighbor asked me to bring baked beans. Ok, I made those, and I threw together a fruit salad, yes, that fruit salad on the recipe list.

But then at dinner, I almost got lynched. Where were the poppers? How dare I come without poppers?

Oh mi. So I made them that weekend.

Jalapeño Poppers

Grab some jalapeños. As many as you like. I usually make a huge batch because once I am prepping this mess, I might as well fill the pan.

If you have sensitive skin, use gloves.

Cut the stem end off, slice them in half, scrape out the seeds. Now I usually cut the jalapeño down to bite size but you can leave them as large as you like.

Fill the available space with cream cheese. Use good cream cheese. Not chemically laced Philly.

Wrap the pepper in bacon. I like to cut a strip of bacon in half the long way so that I can wrap it many times, thinly with little over lap.

Fill your rimmed cookie sheet. Bake at 250 for 3 to 4 hours. You want the bacon fully crisped and the pepper wrinkled into softness. I know 3-4 hours is a wide range but size of pepper and thickness of bacon will really effect cooking time. You’ll want to pull them out of the pan of bacon grease pretty quick after taking them out of the oven.

So I was pretty lax in numbers here. It depends so much on the size of the pepper. But let’s say 10 whole large peppers will take 12 oz cream cheese and a pound of bacon, give or take a little.



Sunday Sup: Beef, it’s what’s for dinner

Anyone remember those commercials from back in the day? oh man. It’s summer, so I’ve been purging the house. I stacked up quite a few cookbooks I never use to be sold to the used bookstore. I cherry picked a few recipes that looked ok for an attempt to justify the cookbook’s existence. LOL.

This one is called Beef en daube from the “you’re dumb and fat” cookbook my mum gave me years ago.

Preheat oven to 350.

Get out your dutch oven if you have one or any other pot that goes in the oven and on the stove, otherwise use a skillet and casserole dish.

Brown 1 1/2 pounds stew meat in the dutch oven/skillet. Toss in 8-10 shallots, peeled but whole, depending on size as the meat is browning. 4-5 minutes total. If you’re using a dutch oven, carry on, otherwise transfer meat and shallot to your casserole dish.

Add: 1 c red wine, 1/2 c chicken stock, 1 medium tomato chopped, 1 tsp minced garlic, 2 c sliced mushrooms, 10 baby potatoes chopped as small as the meat. Cover and pop into the oven.

Cook about an hour. I checked after 45 minutes and felt it needed another 15.

When done, drain the juice into the skillet, warm over medium heat and add a small amount of corn starch slurry until it thickens slightly. (corn starch slurry: remove a small amount of the juice, add 1 tsp corn starch, stir til smooth, add back to the pan.)

Serve meat and veg with sauce you just made. I forgot to take pictures, we were watching The Peanuts Movie, and I was distracted.

Sunday Sup: Lazy Man’s Potato Skins

It’s been hot, for like 4 whole days we saw 80 plus. Woohoo.

But that means I don’t really want to cook. So what to make for family movie night, that’s like going to the movies, without running the oven. Hrm…

Lazy Man’s Potato Skins were born.



I shop a lot at Trader Joe’s, but if you don’t have one locally, I am sure you can find something like this in your own local store. If all else fails, use tater tots, but you have to actually cook those so it kind of defeats the purpose.



Ok so pop a hash brown on the microwave safe plate, pop it in the micro for 45 seconds. Flip it over. Add cheese (Gruyeres on this one) and bacon. Micro 30-45 more, until the cheese is melted. Top with sour cream.



 If you want to get fancy….try with pesto chicken, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, and parm.


Sunday Sup: Tomato Soup

I know it’s summer. Who eats soup in summer. My son, that’s who. He loves this soup and since I can squeeze veggies into his belly via this soup, I make it on demand.

The original recipe came from Emily over at Emily Bites. But I made a few adjustments.

Tomato Soup

Chop 2 small sweet onions or one large or one medium, the recipe isn’t picky. Add them to some olive oil in a large pot (make sure it has a lid), over medium heat. Stir frequently for 5-6 minutes.

Add 1 teaspoon minced garlic (or a couple of cloves if you are old fashioned.) Stir half dozen times so that the garlic is incorporated with the onions.

Add 1 pound Italian sweet sausage stripped from the casings. I like chicken best with this recipe but your call. Mash the sausage with your spoon so it’s in large crumbles.

When the sausage is brown, add 32 oz chicken broth (I like the one with some fat left), 28 oz can crushed tomatoes ( I am lazy so I buy the Italian style ones that are canned with basil already in there), and a few shakes of crushed red pepper (your call on the spice level).

Stir and then bring to a boil, turn the heat down to Low, and cover – simmering for 20 minutes. Stir once or twice, or not at all if you get busy with something else, like I said this recipe doesn’t mind.

After 20 minutes, cube some cream cheese and add to the soup, stirring until incorporated. How much cheese is really on you. I do about 6 ounces, that makes it quite rich. But I am trying to get my child to consume veggies so I let it slide.

Once the cheese is all mixed in, add 6 oz fresh spinach and 4 oz pasta. I use the quinoa and brown rice spiral pasta. I know 4 oz seems light but it’s enough to give the soup a hearty feel without blowing your carb allotment for the day.

Cover and cook 8-10 minutes until the pasta is good and the spinach wilted.

Serve with a grate of good parm on top.