Posting on a Tuesday must be a sign of something serious…

and it is.

If you’ve taken a gander at my homepage lately, you’ll see that little count down clock. My novel is coming. Tick tock, tick tock.

Things actually look fabulous. I think there was a glitch in scrivener and my last changes and edits didn’t get saved before it got exported. So all the mistakes I found in the last pages were not a harbinger of doom. LOL.

So why am I posting on Tuesday?

I am trying to organize a virtual book tour for the weeks before my novel launches and after it launches. I spent considerable time checking everyone who follows me and contacting those who had a contact button.

If you didn’t hear from me but think it might be fun to host a stop on my virtual book tour, contact me. I’d love to work it out.

Friday Fun – Woot, Woot, Woot

My proof came in the mail last night. I was so excited I practically threw the other mail at my girlfriend Patty who was walking my dog with me so I could rip open the cardboard packaging.

It is beautiful. I was so happy last night.

Today on the other hand…

I have been told my font is too hard to read for my title. Bleh.

And then I started going through things, from the back, one sentence at a time backwards (I’m explaining it badly but it is a viable editing method.) and I keep finding mistakes. Crapola. Pardon my language.

So back to editing. It has rather taken the bloom off having a copy in mScripting the Truth Front Covery hand. LOL

My countdown meter reminds me three weeks to launch. Eek. So to tantalize you a bit….Here is the front cover….what do you think about the font for the title?

Wednesday Writer’s Cafe – Denied

I didn’t get to go play tonight. I had to attend a mandatory parent orientation meeting at his home school coop. 122 kids go there. Not bad for a little grass roots coop.

Anyway, where I am at….

My physical proof is on it’s way from Create Space. I am super excited for it to get here next Tuesday.

In the back of my head I know I need to be pulling all the elements together for my post cards but I just haven’t found the time. Everything the kiddo does for school outside the home, started this week and it has left me wore.

I have prepped my lecture for Saturday’s seminar, North Bend Library at 1030 AM. Topic: Nanowrimo success and how to pull that off.

Can I just circle back to my proof is on it’s way? My completed physical novel, that I wrote, is on it’s way. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ok sorry about that. Back to normal here. No, no, I’m not. My novel is coming, my novel is coming, my novel is coming. Three weeks and 2 days til launch.

Weekend Workshop Sunday Edition

So, as the last post from Story Sense, I submit for your review my back of the book blurb.

It’s kind of a pitch, I guess. But I really need to work it over and clean it up before publication. So I am posting for you, my favorite readers, to hack apart with criticism and commentary.

Demobbed from service, rich enough not to need to work, and bored with post World War II London, Molly chances upon a movie poster showcasing the young soldier she gave her heart to in France. Desperate to reconnect with him, she schemes her way onto the movie set where he is staring in the lead role. Molly is certain they will live happily ever after. And they just might. But first Molly has to figure out who she is and what she wants before she can get her happy ending. And she does it all while trying to keep her seams straight. 

There’s something wrong here. It sounds flat. Not at all the funny romp I mean it to be. Hrm…Thoughts?

Friday Fun

I’m done editing, I’m done editing, I’m done editing….

Round one, to the authoress.

Round two, standing by. LOL

I think it’s a good sign when your own book makes you laugh. But it could still use a bit of work.

Brilliant Read

I just read an amusing and insightful little number on Long Reads this morning. You can find the whole article here

Let me sum it up for you though….

Man leaves the internet, his cell phone, and almost all human contact behind to spend a week in a shack, no running water, no power, in the Scottish highlands. He finds himself on the edge of madness before he manages to embrace himself as a person worth knowing and spending time with.

I loved it. But then again for the most part, I love time without people. It was my birthday last weekend and people keep asking what did you do. I smile and tell them my husband took my son to the pool for several hours both days. This confuses people. But for me 3 hours of time all alone….magic. Two days in a row? Miracle.

My favorite line from the article is this one,  “or else, in moments when dystopian visions of us slowly morphing into robots feel horribly prescient, staring dumbly at a screen trying to remember whether I had any reason to look at it other than to bask for a moment in its warm, comforting glow.” I could relate to this. I find myself checking my wordpress stats page several times a day to see if anyone read me, liked me, or commented. It doubles if I’ve asked questions.

Tomorrow I will be posting 6 possible author photos for my book. You get to vote. So why not practice the art of opinion now and tell me if you’ve ever gone without internet or cell phone for a period of time and how you coped or reveled in the experience.

Wednesday Writer’s Cafe

was preempted this week by The Bard & Starlet hour. I have to say it went really well. And no, none of my work was included so I am not biased. LOL

Six local authors, members of FreeValley Publishing, gently modified scenes from their own novels or short stories into screen plays which were then acted out, radio play style, by local actors. The whole shebang was directed by local director Michael Renney, who also managed sound effects and acted as host of the “radio hour.”

The crowd at Boxleys was really warm and why wouldn’t they be. They were getting fabulous entertainment with their dinner. From my vantage point (behind the camera) I could see half the room ordered the Tequila Shrimp, so they must be good, in case you ever find yourself at Boxleys.

The evening started with a short story by David S. Moore. A sweet innocent family is looking for their new home. And their real estate agent would love to sell them this genetically engineered house, even though he doesn’t quite understand how it works. See, it’s adaptive to it’s environmental influences. And that’s where David leaves us. Wondering just what this house might do in the future as it “adapts” on it’s own. I had to pounce on him as soon as the evening’s show ended just to find out what does happen. And no, I’m not telling you. Ask David if you want to know.

From there we flow to the amusing adventures of The Witty Miss Livingstone by Kennedy J Quinn. I had the pleasure of being at many a write-in while Kennedy was penning this entertainment last November for Nanowrimo. I have heard so many clips I am chomping at the bit to get a crack at beta but no words yet. sigh. Miss Livingstone is a young woman who is moved from her proper Eastern sphere to 1910 Snoqualmie Valley. While initially bored with her new locale, she finds worlds of wonder in time travel. I don’t want to give away too much. Kennedy is editing for beta and hopes to publish Miss Livingstone later this year. You can tell her to hurry up, here.

Onto the nicest woman I have ever met. I should tell you each author sat at a little table on the side of the stage and “typed” out their thoughts as each scene unfolded. While Victoria Bastedo sat there, she didn’t type but she had the best facial expressions. I almost believed she was thinking up what her characters were saying as she sat there. Green Eyed Pursuit is a young adult mystery set in Victorian times is my guess. A simple quest to find one’s father evolves into so much more for the main character. Last night was the official release for Green Eyed Pursuit and the 457th book for Victoria. I exaggerate but not by much.

I am always predisposed to like a book for charity. Just the fact that someone went to a lot of effort that will benefit themselves to the tune of nothing, makes me want to like the art. If they can actually create art so much the better. Jeffrey Cook is no stranger to creating quality, his attention to detail pleases the researcher in me immensely.  Sound & Fury, Shakespeare Goes Punk, is an anthology of short stories written for the benefit of Paws Animal Shelter in Kirkwood. Local authors doing good locally. In “Young Secret Nobles in Love,” two young steam punk pirates negotiate the murky world parental permission for engagement, then negotiate their own rules of marriage.

Swim, Swan, Swim was also written during Nanowrimo last year. I heard lots of snippets, but finally got a real flavor during last night’s scene where Tennyson Swan attempts to placate both his niece’s demands for white alphabet food and his nephew’s demands for information about the murky family history. A mystery with a lot of emotional trappings is my guess when all is said and done. No word from T. Tommia Wright on when we might get to see the finished product. Nudge her along here if you like.

We capped off the evening under Stars in the Texas Sky by local author Stephen J. Matlock. I have not read this book but each time I hear a portion of it at an event, I become intrigued. The first scene I heard made it feel like a social commentary. Last night’s scene focused on the interplay and blossoming friendship of two young men 1952 small town Texas. I must admit I like the friendship better than the social commentary. I believed these were 14 year olds just on that cusp of becoming aware of themselves, finding who they are, finding how important it is to have a friend who understands you when you need to go spelunking in your own mind. Stephen is working on his second book set in Windmill, Texas.

If you missed it, I’m sorry for you.

“Different TDY, Same Shit.”

That’s the final line of my spy novel. It amuses me every time I read it because the TDY the assistant is wrapping up is handling Stanley. And it’s Stanley who’s asked the question. The hwole novel the assistant has quietly propped Stanley up or soothed his ego as the situation called for. It’s this easy little tweak of the idiot the assistant is assigned to run rather than being able to do real work.

Not that the spy novel is done by any stretch of the imagination. But I wrote the final chapter during the first Nano I worked on the spy novel in. Yes, you read that right. I worked on this spy novel for 2 Nanowrimos and the year in between. And still it’s not done. I’ve only got about 35K words. I expect another five years will get it done. Laughing. Given that half the year I am working on a nano, researching it, writing it, editing it. That doesn’t leave much time for Galatea, Talon, Gareth, and Stanley. On the other hand it provides a much needed vacation from these characters so I don’t hate them, because after three plus years, I’m a little tired of them every now and then.

I went to writer’s cafe last night. I love when I’m working, editing as it was in this case, and I’m not wholly absorbed in my work so that I have twenty percent of my brain available to catch the amusing snippets of words from other conversations. My writers group is having an Old Fashioned Radio Show on May 27th at Boxleys in North Bend. There was lots of conversation about that tonight which I won’t repeat here, LOL. Then an odd discussion on writing advice from Stephen King. But I think my fave was when I got drawn into a conversation that started like this…If Castle had a cross over episode with NCIS who would Rick bond with best? Hello, Tony of course. But that led me down a long rabbit hole of amusement which ended with me explaining that soon I would be back at the Friday writers cafe because my son would be done with co-op on Fridays and I hadn’t enrolled him in any classes on Friday for next year after a long debate over education versus my writing career with my husband. The woman I was talking to got that “oh you poor dear, I understand” look on her face so I felt compelled to explain that I had been arguing for Henry’s education, while my husband had been arguing for the writers cafe. She says, “What incredible support.” To which I could say quite easily, “yes, it was. My husband is amazing in all the ways that really matter.”

Stupid Grin on my face

I drove home from the cafe last night with one of those perma grins that don’t feel fake on my face. In fact, I’m still grinning now as I type this.

See after the title research and debate, I settled on a title, no I’m not sharing now, you can wait. Then I started negotiations with the woman I wanted to handle my cover design and art. Not only was she super excited about the project but we were totally on the same thought plane about it. We spent about 2 hours hammering out all the initial issues and the design is on it’s way to form and function.

It was on the long drive home that it hit me. I am going to publish. Why designing the cover art should make me feel that way when writing the novel, editing the novel, sending it out for beta, etc didn’t make me feel it, I couldn’t say.

I am going to publish. Let that sit for a moment.

I am going to jump the chasm between hobbyist writer and published author. How flipping cool is that?

Fun with Words

It’s Wednesday night write in time. I finally made it back to the writers cafe. Two weeks no cafe was painful. But I’m back. Deep sigh of satisfaction.

And tonight I decided to work on my novel title. I got no good suggestion from you all so I was forced to irritate my friends until I got some research ideas.

First I googled famous world war 2 poems and pulled a selection of lines from those. Then I read all of Churchill’s famous speeches from the war and pulled some lines from there.

Then I read all the options and waited while people critiqued each one. These critiques have really helped me start to come up with a list of possibilities that are my own. Although my favorite is already a published titled. But still I have a list to start from.

Woohoo! This is only one of the many many reasons I love my writers group. So love and a shout out to Sno Valley Writes. Check them out here.