Nano 2015 # 26 – Sort of

Good evening on this Happy Turkey Day. The reality is, I never much liked Thanksgiving. I don’t really like turkey for starters. And when I was a kid it was all about football. Don’t get me wrong I like football about as much as the next guy, especially when you factor in the next guy is my Dutch husband who only watches soccer. LOL

But as I got older Thanksgiving meant one thing to me, Black Friday ads. I loved Black Friday shopping. Getting up before the crack of dawn to go buy presents. Coming out of a store with baskets full of goodies as the sun rose in the sky. Some years we would be at home and I would leave the hubby in line for the electronic gizmo of the year and go forage into a store, returning occasionally to find Starbucks had been delivering courtesy coffee and muffins. Other years we would stay at my in laws and go to their shopping district which was so snazzy that Target was way too down market to have people in it. It was surreal, employees at the end of every other aisle asking if they could help you find anything. Then we would go out to breakfast.

Either way after a nap we would decorate our house for Christmas. Tree, lights, ornaments. The whole nine yards. Then we would curl up with a copy of White Christmas and wrap every present we bought.

But now it’s all for shite. Black Friday is ruined by even Blacker Thursday night shopping. It’s just wrong. It’s brought the sport down to the level of the common man. Anyone can shop with a belly full of turkey, it’s getting up at 4AM after playing cards with your in laws til midnight that makes a true champion. (laughing) My husband’s employer doesn’t give Friday off. (Bastards) And White Christmas is ruined by bad memories. (Don’t ask.)

So what’s turkey day for this year…well we went for a three hour hike. Took a family hot tub. I made a ham. We watched the Wild Kratts Christmas special. And now my husband and son are currently trying to beat Bowser in his castle at the end of the new Super Mario brothers game while I try to write 22oo words before bed. All the Christmas shopping is done. (except for me, my husband is a dawdler) All the presents are wrapped. (see previous parenthetical statement) The house will be decorated on Saturday in between write ins. And this year post decorating the house I think I’ll watch Lethal Weapon as my Christmas movie of choice. It feels appropriate.



Nano 2015 # 25

Tonight at write in we got to talking about how some years, the idea of Nano ending is just heart breaking. You want it to go on. You want the fun to go on. Last year in fact one woman and I kept meeting every Tuesday morning after Nano ended because we were so sad to see Tuesday morning write ins go. That and I am one hell of a cook and I always made her breakfast. LOL

This year, I can’t wait for Nano to end. I don’t even care if I make 50K at this point, I just want the pain to be over.

Some might argue I’m just having a bad day. But the thing is, until write in I was having a lovely day. I woke up to discover not only had my husband made me coffee but he had already walked the dog. I got to play Twisted Fish with my kiddo. I vacuumed the house, organized all his legos, and cleaned the oven so tomorrow when I’m baking the house won’t smell of smoke.  It was a good day. Home school was easy. Then we watched a fixer upper show together and took a nap. For a normal everyday day, it does not get any better than that. It just doesn’t.

And write in was fun. All except the trying to write part. That sucked. I just want the pain to be over.

Words: not enough

Time: Way too much

Total words: about 5K less than it should be.

Estimated Comp: sometime after I lose.

I am too tired to be objective at this point, so I will say goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the editing bug bite.

Nano 2015 # 24

Greetings and Salutations from the Roadhouse. I love this place. I even love the drive here. No matter which way you go it involves a drive down a tree lined windy mountain road with the river rushing by on one side or the other.  I love the Makers Mark Bacon and Caramelized Onion fondue which comes with vegetables and fruit and oh alright I’ll admit it, French fries. It’s just warm and cozy and I always write well here.

Tonight was the happy hour write in. And there was easily a happy hour of chatting with V and S before we got down to brass tacks. But words were written by all.

Words Tonight: 2093

Time Spent: 3 hours at the write in but not all of it was spent writing. LOL

Total words: 36, 389

Est. Comp. Date: Back to Dec 3 (1945 needed to finish on time-good year)

Number of bizarre conversations overheard: 6,7,12, 54…oh I lost track. But it was definitely entertaining locals night at the roadhouse.


“I assume you brought Matt to fill in those of us not in the inner sanctum on our legal position.” Board member #5 asked.
Matt nodded and cleared his throat. “Legally speaking, if Harold has embezzled a considerably amount of money from the country club accounts, you, as the board, could be held responsible.”
“Don’t we have insurance for this sort of thing?” Board member #7 asked in horror.
“Not against deliberate defrauding.” Matt calmly replied.
“How the hell did that happen?” Board Member #5 shouted.
No one answered. Dead silence dragged on.
“Someone made that decision Gregg?” Board Member #5 said.
Gregg sipped a small amount of wine before answering. I thought to myself he was stalling rather than actually wanting the wine. “Harold and I discussed it when he took the position and decided we could drop that rider from our policy and increase our accident coverage without substantially changing the cost to the club.”
“You decided? This wasn’t brought before the board for a vote?” Board Member #4 challenged.
Gregg shook his head shortly.
“And the legal ramification of that?” Board Member #4 turned to Matt.
Matt shrugged. “It would really depend on the wording of the board charter. But without seeing that my guess is that you are all still on the hook. This board is responsible to the membership. Everyone is being cagey about the financial ramifications but it looks like over a million dollars is missing. That’s enough to bankrupt this club.”
“I think that’s premature.” Gregg tried to interject but the rest of the board members were too busy exclaiming and starting to formulate sentences, arguments, or attacks.
I circled the table pouring more wine onto troubled waters, but my goal was not to soothe but to increase the tension until someone said something of value to the case.
I popped my head into the kitchen. Malin barely looked up from her notepad where she was scribbling notes and rubbing her nose in equal frantic measures. Interesting. I wondered if she knew she rubbed her nose when thinking hard. At least she’d look like Rudolph by the time we met back up with Spence later. I kept my laugh to myself and went back to the dining room to collect the lunch dishes before people started throwing them.

New Charactermalin.png: Malin Brody

The State Police Psychologist she is brought in to evaluate the responses of the board members when they find out a whole lot of money is missing. She also has a bit of a ridiculous crush on Spence. Drama, Drama.

Nano 2015 # 23

It’s late and I am tired. I took most of the day off Nano. Hung out with my kiddo since he didn’t have coop today. Then tonight I went out to Cinebarre with a couple of girlfriends for Bond and Booze. That’s James Bond to you. LOL

I think I ruined my eye for Bond films, though. All I could do was catch the mistakes they made. Too much research for my spy novel I guess. shrug. Oh well.

Words: 296

Time: 15 minutes.

Total: 34296

Est Comp Date: Dec 4 (1963 a day to finish on time)

Oh dear, I really shouldn’t have taken today off but I am having such trouble giving a bleep right now. LOL. Excerpt and new character tomorrow. I think.

Nano 2015 # 22

This is the last thing on my to do list tonight. I’m listening to my hubby and son play chess. The hubby is up two games to nothing. LOL. I’ve just finished a painting I promised my son I would do by Christmas, so go me. When I get done typing this update I will go play cribbage with the hubby and son. I like winter evenings.

Words today: 1921

Time spent: 3 hours at write in but I swear 2/3 of that was chit chat. MY brain just would not focus on writing.

Total Words: 34000 (nice round number)

Estimated completion: Dec 3 (1778 a day to finish on time)

No excerpt today. It was clunky bizarre writing.  But tomorrow I will have a new character for you. evil laughter….

Nano 2015 #21

My days seem to be going by faster. I think it comes back to how busy things have been. I had business to attend to with the hubby this morning and then off to the write in. It was a small attendance today which made all the easier for a chatty member to keep the focus off writing for the majority of the time. sigh. Then lunch, where S and I worked out the over arching plan for the Nano to Publish Workshop Seminar series we are doing next year. Yes, that’s right. A monthly workshop where we will help people with some sort of completed manuscript get themselves through the gauntlet to self-published by the end of the year. Pretty exciting stuff.

Then off to Costco where the topic of the day was a apparently my hair. Thirty minutes inside the store and 6 separate comments on the color. Wow.

Back home to host pizza dinner and movie night for three of my son’s friends.

Words written: 1932

Time Spent: 30 at write in, 30 more while the kiddos watched Scooby Doo 2.

Total Words: 32079

Estimated Comp: Dec 3. (1793 a day to finish on time)


Witlow was holding out a file folder. “Have you seen the autopsy report yet?”
“Not the full one, no. But I met with the medical examiner.”
“You might want to look at this.”
His brows furrowed, Spence set down his interrogation notes and took the report. He scanned along through the findings he already knew about. Then he paused. Livor mortis demonstrated the body had been on it’s side in a semi fetal position from time of death long enough for the blood to settle on the right side. Harold Paulson had been moved. That was pretty much a given already. Spence scanned on. The final toxocology was in, but he already knew about the Rohypnol. The medical examiner listed the cause of death as homocide. Spence looked up, “What? I don’t see anything new that’s probative let alone earth shattering.”
“Notice the lack of injuries to the heels.”
Witlow stared at him for a long moment.
“He wasn’t dragged.” Spence grinned maniacally. “Someone carried his body. Someone strong.”
“Or used something to transport him in.” Witlow added.
Spence’s smiled faded just a touch.
“But either way, we are looking for someone strong. How big is your girl?”
Spence tilted his head as considered. “Five three maybe. Curvy rather than thin. How big is Paulson again?” Flipping open the autopsy report he checked Paulson’s stats. “Five eleven, one seventy.”
“Probably too much for Tess unless she’s hiding a body builders body.”
Spence nodded and his smile returned.
“Ok now that we’ve saved your love life, how does that limit our possible suspect pool?”
“My guess is most of the women are technically out unless it’s a husband and wife team situation.”
“A partnership is complicated though. Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” Barnes added unexpectedly.
Spence stopped mid action and turned to Barnes. “Is that the answer right there? Two of them were keeping a secret and now one of them is dead?”
“You mean Paulson’s partner killed him to end the search for the embezzled money?” Witlow was right there with Spence.

Nano 2015 #20

Oof. It was such a good day in so many ways. Legos, hot tub, long walk with the dog. But one of those days as well where every time I thought to myself I could carve out ten minutes right now to write, opened scrivner, and typed three words my kiddo declared he needed mommy. Whack my forehead into a brick wall. So it’s later than I like to be trying to compose words that make sense as I try to squeeze in a day’s word count. shrug. oh well. Tomorrow is another write in day. A day even better where I get to leave my kiddo behind with the hubby and ride off into the sunset with my laptop for a few hours. If previous weekends have been any guide I should squeak out a few thousand words tomorrow.sweepitundertherug

On the plus side, on Nano today I saw this little link that said, “You are 60% more likely to finish if you have a cover for your book.” So while kiddo was doing his subtraction, I had a quick google and found this.  Very naughty, very amusing, very much the way I would like my book to be described. LOL

Words today: 960

Time Spent writing: 45 minutes mostly in one minute increments. LOL

Total Words: 30,147

Estimated Completion Date: Dec 4th. Well at least I’ll be done by the TGIO party?

Words per day to finish on time 1805. Seems doable.

Of course 1667 seemed doable too and that has proved elusive. My current average daily word count is 1507. Oops.